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Summer Slices Compilation 2016


1. Animal Trainer - Ignis

2. Stefan Z - Long to grasp

3. Manuel Moreno feat. Jo Maloni - Cebu

4. Dario D'attis - Diversity

5. Onur Özman - I can still

6. Dragon Suplex - My god

7. Reto Ardour - Wilder mind

8. Piratenkind & Squep - Been here before

9. Trinidad - Lunes

10. Pablo Einzig - Take my head off

11. SOLOK - Skur

12. David Aurel - Somehwere

So here we are at the Hive Audio offices, ready to celebrate this summer season with quite a special treat our Summer Slices Compilation 2016. A unique serving of twelve fresh and formerly unreleased tracks, produced by both established artists from our label roster as well as young, upcoming talent which is surely about to draw some attention in the near future. The journey starts with the duo Animal Trainer straight outta Zurich and their track Ignis which is wandering the thin line between epic, string loaden TechHouse and beautifully sculpted (Neo)Trance to a stunning and most touching effect. With Stefan Z's tune Long To Grasp we're taken on a straight 10+ minutes ride kicking of with mechanical, slightly distorted drums slowly getting punchier before they're rounded of nicely with a levitating, crystalline main motif and ever floating, all embracing bass works that are giving way to a little mysterious twist towards the tunes' very end. Manuel Moreno feat. Jo Maloni are bringing us Cebu, introducing a slightly more spiritual vibe to their take on TechHouse whilst fusing a balearic twist with huge breaking waves of sawtooth synth action to please punters on the dancefloor. Promoting Diversity we see Dario D'Attis getting some serious action going, presenting a slightly darker, yet not less melodic variation of peak time TechHouse living off a thrilling and intense atmosphere and a playful main motif. I Can Still is the main theme of Onur Özman's contribution to this selection of tracks and he's surely making himself at home on the techier side of things with his tune but still manages to sneak in some well funky elements and a hint of dark'ish, mysterious prog for maximum primetime pleasure. Furthermore Dragon Suplex and their tune My God are exploring the deeper realms of melody-driven TechHouse whilst bringing in some extra drama with bassy stabs hitting as hard as kettledrums before an additional piano layers puts a spell on each and everyone on and around the dancefloor. Knowing that Reto Ardour has a Wilder Mind it's no surprise that his track of the same name comes across with quite a muscular attitude. Imagine raw, hard hitting drums accompanied by lively, ever morphing synths and razor sharp hi-hats alongside a catchy and intense vocal sample and you'll know what's up when this one's blasting through a proper P.A. setting. Squep & Piratenkind are stating that they have Been Here Before and although we don't know whether this is true or false it's pretty obvious that they've been on the dancefloor a lot. Fusing seductive guitars, Breaks-referencing snares and quite a bit of an Indie-attitude this tune is all about breaking down genre- and scene-borders and we'll know that you'll love that. Following up is Trinidad's Lunes, a tune perfectly capturing the feel of a lazy, hot summer afternoon and the positive, well-relaxed vibes that come along with these days in its melodic intro sequence before the highly energetic main part kicks off one hell of a great party. Take My Head Off is what Pablo Einzig demands with his contribution which is surely not about to happen as this track surely is a sweet little gem combining decent drums, hot grooves, the fascination of levitating melodies and quite a few bits and bops that would have seen this tune being filed under the flag of Intelligent Techno when this genre term was still a thing. As beautiful and comforting as electronic music can ever get. With SOLOK's Skur we're introduced to the true meanings of TechHouse mysticism as we find a deep athmosphere, haunting sweeps, large amounts of bass and a quite abstract synth motif popping up occasionally, sending the crowds collective mind on a trip to eternity. Finally David Aurel's Somewhere concludes our Summer Slices Compilation 2016 on the fast lane, speeding up things reasonably and catering a solid tech foundation, sweet filtered vocal bits and uplifting string sequences inducing ultimate joy and happiness into every puntersbrain.