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Summer Slices 2022


Artists: Various Artists
Name: Summer Slices 2022
Type: Compilation

Fresh off a busy summer yet again spent casting memorable hoodoo spells upon the ravers, Hive Audio rounds off the festival season with their new VA, "Summer Slices 2022".
Geared up with a choice allotment of solar grooves and deftly surgical machine funk, this round proves particularly heady and deep if anything.

A string of mercurial slabs, perfect to transition smoothly from the sunny days into fall's hybrid ambiences, starting with Matija & Richard Elcox "Land of Zilla" - a moody, low-slung number to kick things off proper, with its ambiguously hazy atmosphere and nimble swing leading the parade, before Felipe Puertes' infectious multi-strain mashup "Everything of Life" worms its way in-limbo jagged Latin house reliefs, Chicagoan soulfulness and a tang of Afro-futuristic programming.

Swiss duo Smalltown Collective contribute a total jacking piece of arsenal with the steadily soaring "Amira", which mixes elements of Arabic folk grammar with a liquid-like, bass-powered bounce and seesawing synths from outer space.

On the fractals-unfolding "Hexagon", Chris Sen & Guy Herman pull out a fine slice of verbed-out tech-house skirting on cinematic cliff-hanging, whereas Trees of Tampa shift the scope onto kosmische-indebted, space opera-friendly ambition with the enslavingly hypnotic "Sorcerer".

Flexing muscles all the way, Tschan "Gosar" taps both in the classic hardcore sound, tribal techno and sino-flavoured harmonics to weave its own Frankensteinian monster of big-room effusiveness.

"Under The Table" by Roman Blum belongs to a more straightforward genotype of early house laced with hints of garage and post-French Touch pop-ish fun, while SOAME's "Heat" provides exactly what's written on the tin, i.e. no-nonsense onslaughts of smouldering hi-hats, dubbed-out vox stabs and buzzing synths processed to optimal floor-obliterating effect.