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Summer Slices 2020


Künstler: Various Artists
Title: Summer Slices 2020

Cat.Nr.: HA115


1. Juli Lee - (N)iceee
2. Ruben Coslada – Mysteries Of Tikaran
3. Tschan - Strike
4. Yannick Mueller - Fayit
5. Trees Of Tampa & Reto Ardour – Lost InThe Woods
6. Richard Elcox & Matija – Sirenum Scopuli
7. Normen Hood - Blütenstaub
8. Garance - Intension
9. Guy Herman & Chris Sen - Paraglider
10. Smalltown Collective – No Other
11. SOAME – Days Of Sun
12. C-rill - Speranza
13. Alogique - Magnetika


2k20. What a year so far. We, the crew at the Hive Audio label offices, are pretty much certain that absolutely nothing rolled out as planned for anyone around the globe this year and that there hasn't been much time or opportunity for celebration for anyone out there in the electronic music community or beyond either – even though we had different things in mind, especially in regards of our 10 years anniversary as a label which we already heralded with the quadruple EP series „The First Ten Years“ rolled out equally through Hive Audio and its recently launched offspring Hive Audio Dark earlier this year.

But as they say, routines are helpful to cope with difficult circumstances and therefore we're back and well proud to present you with this years summer compilation „Summer Slices 2020“, a massive 13 track overview of the recent state of the art in quality electronic club music and a glaring sign that creativity and productivity in our scene are still going strong.

Opening with Juli Lee's „(N)iceee“ we're drawn straight to center of the dancefloor of our dreams by a distinct, pumping House groove and a playful, surprisingly Jazz-leaning attitude which incorporates loads of classic rhodes improvisations, cut-up vocals and a classy organic vintage feel for intimate club sessions.

Next up we see Ruben Coslada solving the unsolved „Mysteries Of Tikaran“ by employing a deep fusion of bass heavy TechHouse and a good portion of ancient mystique alongside beautifully cascading guitar elements, Tribal drumrolls and haunting, warped vocal bits leading up to a dramatic, deeply touching climax.

The subsequent „Strike“ by Tschan weighs in a pounding, excited and muscular peak time attitude from the get go, pairing beautifully floating synths with pushing background stabs, powerful claps and an array of carefully arranged mystical string layers as a foundation for enchanting female non-vocalisms aiming right at the center of every ravers heart.

Yannick Müller's „Fayit“ approaches TechHouse and big ass bass waves from a deep, somewhat tribalistic angle before working its way up towards a sparkling, ever cascading and complex array of interwoven melodic elements to provide nothing but pure joy and ultimate peak time pleasure.

Lost In The Woods“, a collaborational studio effort crafted by Trees Of Tampa & Reto Ardour, brings in more multilayered percussive heat before taking everyone by surprise with a combination of large scale bass synths, a distinct two tone motif and revamped, remodelled electric guitars for maximum dancefloor pressure and peak time festival breakouts.

With „Sirenum Scopuli“ we see another studio collaboration taking place, this time put together by Richard Elcox and Matija who are bringing back the Tech in TechHouse with a clean, futuristic approach towards stripped down, yet highly functional production truly informed by what was once dubbed Intelligent Techno at some point in the 90s. A vibrant and sparkling tune, this.

Furthermore „Blütenstaub“ by Normen Hood caters another variation of ever cascading, positive and crystalline synthesizer beauty with a shimmering, slightly Asian twist for lovers of timeless hypermelodic peak time TechHouse.

Garance's „Intension“ is a good one when it comes to creating an astounding, well captivating TechHouse / Techno fusion sporting layers and layers of ever unfolding, 80s-infused large scale synth chords, intermingling melodic elements and a large scale panorama breakdown for truly emotional moments in dedicated sunrise sets.

The „Paraglider“ built by Guy Herman & Chris Sen is propelled by mystical ancient atmospheres, a slight Progressive-leaning interpretation of the TechHouse genres as well as busy, percussive synth tones and overwhelming, all embracing bass waves sweeping our inner self straight back into the womb of the divine entity protecting all dancefloors and punters out there, even in trouble times.

Next up are Smalltown Collective in search of „No Other“, employing a proper uptempo Techno strategy to make a change and stand out in peak time sets. Shelling out an absolute belter of a tune their approach is stripped down and rolling, with ever so slight filter changes providing maximum excitement whilst a captivating vocal hook adds a distinct, catchy and highly emotional element to the mix.

SOAME is worshipping those beloved „Days Of Sun“ with stomping, expertly shaped bass drums, a raw and slightly psychedelia-infused low end motif as well as a gritty, yet classy attitude somewhat reminding us of leather bleached for ages under a hot desert sun whilst the epic mid-track breakdown harks back to the absolute peak of what Melodic Techno has to offer for moments that will become memories.

C-rill's „Speranza“ introduces the next 2k20 blueprint of how beautiful, melodic and classy an intense, emotional TechHouse / Techno fusion can sound like these days, weighing in a well-balanced interplay of highly melodic sequences and multiple layers of powerful percussive elements for those in the know.

Finally Analogique's „Magnetika“ rounds things off on a full-on Melodic Techno tip built on an ever rolling low end foundation, most touching cinematic string arrangements and an intricate amalgamation of rarely found beauty and sweet melancholia for a closing.