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Sous Sol - Beside You EP


1. Sous Sol - Beside You

2. Sous Sol - Beside You (Dario D'attis Remix)

3. Sous Sol - Beside You (Dub Mix)

More stunning club music from our homeland Switzerland is coming from Sous Sol, the duo comprised of Teo Fionom and Luke Meyer, which are about to move quite a bunch of booties with their new Beside You EP on Hive Audio. The original version of Beside You weighs in deep TechHouse vibes from the very first moment onwards, combines washed stabs and an iridescent synth melody whilst raucous bass pulses from vintage synths and a fascinating, well seductive male voice add an extra layer of sex drive to this future classic. With Mr. Dario D'Attis on remix control Beside You turns into a more uplifting affair, incorporating dubbed out sounds as well as pushing dancefloors forward through adding layers and layers of percussive elements before eerie high frequencies announce the arrival of an ever rolling bassline custom made to tear down walls and set punters bodies in ecstatic motion. Finally the Beside You *Dub rides the same musical wave as the original version but cuts out the vocal parts to provide an instrumental alternative for all deejays longing to get a little more creative with filters and effects throughout their late night club sets. C'mon and take us on a ride!