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1. Nola
2. And
3. Badon

Back for his second full on single release on Hive Audio is SOAME, prolific Swiss producer and remixer who has been making a label debut with his "Sun EP" earlier this year and is now ready to provide more electronic goodness coming straight from his studio vaults featured on his new "Nola EP".

The title track „Nola“ sees the talent on the rise providing a deep -melancholia fueled intro sequence before riding a rolling TechHouse wave on voluminous bass waves, lively percussions, echoing words of wisdom and - again - beautiful yearning trumpets for those who know. If a perfect closing tune for a set has ever existed, this is the one for sure.

With "And" SOAME unveils a slightly darker late night side of his musical spectrum, focusing on a rolling, repetetive sub-motif buliding the foundation for floating string atmospheres and occasional trancey Acid twists which are accompanied by killer Soul samples and peaceful, yet gooey underwater bleeps, providing a sweet fusion for levitating crowds lost deep in the groove.

"Badon" brings forth a proper, banging (Tech)House pump groove-wise, surely setting crowds in motion whilst minds drift along to complex, carefully arranged melodic structures, soft pads and morphed, echo-heavy vocals blown over from a dream dimension.