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Schlepp Geist & Madmotormiquel - Smol Aelan EP


Artist: Schlepp Geist & Madmotormiquel
Title: Smol Aelan EP
Cat.Nr.: HA102

1. Tuvalu
2. Niue
3. Nauru
4. Baby Gangsters

Welcome to the club, Schlepp Geist & Madmotormiquel! Both praised solo producers in their own right they have joined forces in the studio to create their “Smol Aelan EP“ for Hive Audio, a slamming conjunctional label debut that will be remembered to punters and DJ's for years to come.

The opening title track „Tuvalu“ seems Schlepp Geist & Madmotormiquel exploring soft, melodic TechHouse territories backed by well punchy drums, dramatic percussion fills and ever evolving string arrangements alongside a crystalline main motif surely to be appreciated by (Neo)Trance-lovers and heaving early morning sunrise crowds alike. 

The follow up „Niue“ stays on a melodic TechHouse lane whilst employing more tribalistic percussions and a certain enchanted mystique for an overall vibe, weighing in echoing signals and blurred melodies for a journey into a tantalising dream world.

„Nauru“ sees the duo taking jam packed venues to new levels of ecstasy with a muscular, slightly Prog-infused uptempo TechHouse approach and dreamy piano lines on top of dense, mysterious and dreamy atmospheres and an extended breakdown leading up to a deep, melodic climax that can be described as score'esque for a reason.

Finally „Baby Gangsters“ brings forth a captivating variation on tribalistic House / Slow House grooves, catering lose percussion loops alongside a catchy Disco bassline, characteristic urban vocal samples, detailed background works and klaxon'esque, large scale low end signals for climaxing dancefloor sessions.