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Séance - Paradise Wasted EP


Künstler: Séance
Remixer: Animal Trainer
Title: Paradise Wasted
Cat.Nr.: HAD007


1. Paradise Wasted
2. Paradise Wasted (Animal Trainer Remix)

Hello. It's been a while. But here we are again, rolling out the first digital single release on Hive Audio Dark for 2k21 with a label debut, a surprise and a sweet remix effort.

Coming in for the first one for the new season are Séance who are bringing forth „Paradise Wasted“ as the title track for their official introduction to the label roster. Opening with a highly panoramic sequence paying homage to the atmospheric early days of Trance we're in for a surprise as we're taking a turn towards full-on SynthPop territories, driven by a dancefloor suitable 4/4 foundation yet representing the entire sonic spectrum of a genre that classic - including 80s synth harmonies, lyrics and a large scale chorus / hookline which, at least in a better and more perfect world than ours, should be a staple in daytime radio programs. Hive Audio Dark goes Pop with this one in the most genuine and authentic way, fusing dancefloor memories with an innate popular appeal.

Going in for a proper dancefloor vision of „Paradise Wasted“ is Animal Trainer who's at the controls remixwise, providing a warm, all and ever embracing take on Melodic TechHouse based on dreamy guitar loops, strings taken to panoramic heights, bubbling background modulations and ever shifting, filtered and processed vocal bits and pieces which, embedded in this new context, immediately teleport us to sun-lit festival floors of a future yet to come.