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Moses Mehdi - Orient Oneself


1. Orient Oneself
2. Flawless Believe

Welcome back, Moses Mehdi! After releasing his Hive Audio label debut „Serafin“ in fall 2k16 the young Cologne-based producer is back with a follow up for the new season, presenting two hot and fresh tunes that are about to move dancefloors throughout the next months.

The title track „Orient Oneself“ gets us into the groove with a casual, positive swing, combining laid-back TechHouse grooves with multiple layers of oriental instrumentation, turning Western venues into update versions of big fests described in One Thousand And One Night – a cultural fusion that surely sticks out as an exceptional tune of choice for forward thinking DJs these days.

With „Flawless Believe“ we see Moses Mehdi focusing on the techier aspects of his work, amalgamating a clean and distinct Tech-foundation with a thrilling, warped midrange synth motif and distinct, masterly arranged vocal samples whilst lively percussions and a dark'ish atmosphere build up for an ultimate peak time climax. Heavy rotation guaranteed.