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Mar Dean - Purple Drama EP


Artists: Mar Dean
Name: Purple Drama
Type: Single


1. Mar Dean – Purple Drama
2. Mar Dean - Dandelion

Back after a little hiatus, Hive Audio buzzes back to life with Mar Dean’s new two-tracker “Purple Drama”. Tapping in the deeper seams of the techno/house realm, the Zürich-based producer dishes out two cuts primed for no-nonsense dancefloor use with that signature hint of suave, soulful appeal that’s become trademark to his productions. 

Driven by a brooding bass and interlarded with Chicagoan vox samples nodding at the early house scene’s heyday, the title-track “Purple Drama” paves the way with no-frills efficiency. As shuffling hat patterns and crisp drums pour martially over a bed of smouldering subs onslaughts and bleeping signals, Mar Dean pulls out an all-round steamy type of basement narrative. Sultry house with a capital S. 

Bringing smouldering ashes back to a state of incendiary elation, the second track “Dandelion” reroutes us on a more subdued tech-y vein. Replete with boogie-inducing, weird motion-triggering syncopations, Mar Dean’s second offering has all the attire of a bespoke DJ tool, perfect for taking the dance floor right into the zone with its surgically laid-down patchwork of raucous bass and fluttering synth leads.