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Manuel Moreno - Hope EP


Artist: Manuel Moreno
Title: Hope EP

Cat.Nr.: HAD004

1. Hope
2. Voices From The Dust


It's always good to have old friends around and therefore we're more than happy to welcome Mr. Manuel Moreno for his label debut on Hive Audio Dark. As a prolific producer and longtime resident of our main label Hive Audio the St. Gallen-based artist weighs in two brand new cuts on his „Hope EP“ which are providing an excellent soundtrack for underground club nights of the future.

The title track „Hope“ sees Manuel Moreno on a well hypnotic tip, providing an endless, intricate, harmonic and floating build-up of melodic elements and spiraling, ever intertwined synth lines which are falling together in a haunted grey area bordering both TechHouse and (Neo)Trance before a well surprising vocal breakdown adds a special emotional edge to this masterpiece.

With „Voices From The Dust“ Manuel Moreno presents a slightly different, deeper approach, starting with a super dry, muffled bass drum as a single sonic element and foundation for more tender late night harmonies, rich background strings, a TechTrance influenced midrange synth motif and, most importantly, yearning, loving vocals which surely are about to extend the tunes reach beyond the realm of electronic club music-based dancefloors for a reason.