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KANT - Close EP


1. KANT - Close

2. KANT - Close (Smash TV Remix)

3. KANT - Right Here

We managed to build the axis between Denmark and Switzerland. Let's talk about music: KANT! presented for the second time on Hive Audio. Our friend and brow! Its an honor to have him back and give us a lot of motivation! On this one, he surprises with two very deep, soulful and clean worked out tech-house treasures. They couldn't fit better into our portfolio. Skilled crafts and talent meet intelligent selected sounds. We respectfully admit: KANT is an act that stays true to his style. And we love it. The variation of the original title-track is composed by our brothers Smash T.V. This one serves the cultivated party porn and Berlin tech-house-style lovers an interpretation to bend down and do nothing but to dance. Carried into a world, we would love to claim!