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Hive Audio - The First 10 Years Part 4


Artist: Various Artists
Title: The First 10 Years Hive Audio - Part Four
Cat.Nr.: HAD003


Tracklist Part Four:

1. Sascha Braemer – Monogamy
2. Animal Trainer – In Space
3. Sons Of Aoide – Solaris
4. Jan Blomqvist – I Don't Think About You
5. Definition – Drums & Arps
6. Animal Trainer Mix – Continuous Mix


Ten years. More than 100 releases and way more than 250 tracks. This is what the Hive Audio crew is looking back on in 2k20, celebrating their first two digit anniversary in 2k20 with the release of a massive compilation album in four parts which caters all together a set of 25 all time label classics created by long time friends and label associates as well as outstanding new talent all coming together under the flag of what we call „The First 10 Years Hive Audio“.

Throughout the past decade the Hive Audio flagship sailed in mostly joyful, continously successful and even waters, building a renowned brand and a firm crew of artists, with a focus on fostering both local, Switzerland-based talent and their career in electronic music whilst implementing an ever growing network of international producers and friends within the labels general setting.

With this being said, the selection featuring on „The First 10 Years Hive Audio Part One to Four“, both as individual tracks as well as continuous bonus DJ mixes by Animal Trainer and Dario D'Attis on Part Three and Four, perfectly reflects the sound, setting and overall attitude of Hive Audio as a label in 2k20 and beyond, presenting both an outlook and overview of contemporary Zeitgeist and a bright future that lies ahead. To the next decade!


Going into our final Part Four of „The First 10 Years Hive Audio“ is Sascha Braemer. Coming in with „Monogamy“ the long time electronic staple is weighing complex, intertwined arrangements and an ethereal, cascading attitude for this ever sparkling TechHouse / (Neo)Trance fusion.

Furthermore „In Space“, an original cut provided by Swiss heavyweight Animal Trainer defo is on a well spaced out tip, focusing on beautifully hovering melodic layers evoking memories of memories of a a time when space exploration and visions of a chromatically shining, neon-lit future still shaped our perception of exciting things to come.

With the next tune that is Sons Of Aoide's „Solaris“ we see the project aiming at dancefloors focused on a mixture of technoid minimalism and spatial, spaced out as well as somewhat mystical TechHouse  sounds with its warped vocal sample. (Neo)Cosmic vintage synth eruptions and carefully layered atmospheres harking back to the fascinating era of ProtoTrance and early Trance for those in the know.

„I Don't Think About You“ by Jan Blomqvist indulges in a fast paced, iridescent variation of electronic club music incorporating both elements of TechHouse, Balearic and Tribal in combination with sweet vocalisms and vocals cut ups, a super catchy main melody and a highly seductive swing. 'A hit is a hit is a hit' they say and this is the truth for this cut for sure.

Employing „Drums & Arps“ we see Definition catering a polyrhythmic TechHouse menu for hot and fever'ish nights out, bringing on tropical heat whilst touching each and every punters hearts with ithe tunes ever evolving, shimmering synth motif.