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Hive Audio - The First 10 Years Part 1


Artist: Various Artists
Title: The First 10 Years Hive Audio - Part One
Cat.Nr.: HA110

Tracklist Part One:

1. Matthias Meyer – Free Your Mind
2. SOAME featuring Jinadu – Sun
3. Sous Sol – Dizzy Rhythm
4. Luna City Express – Take That
5. Dario D'Attis – Little Higher
6. Guido Schneider – Enidane
7. Benja & Reto Ardour – Sweet Peace

Ten years. More than 100 releases and way more than 250 tracks. This is what the Hive Audio crew is looking back on in 2k20, celebrating their first two digit anniversary in 2k20 with the release of a massive compilation album in four parts which caters all together a set of 25 all time label classics created by long time friends and label associates as well as outstanding new talent all coming together under the flag of what we call „The First 10 Years Hive Audio“.

Throughout the past decade the Hive Audio flagship sailed in mostly joyful, continously successful and even waters, building a renowned brand and a firm crew of artists, with a focus on fostering both local, Switzerland-based talent and their career in electronic music whilst implementing an ever growing network of international producers and friends within the labels general setting.

With this being said, the selection featuring on „The First 10 Years Hive Audio Part One to Four“, both as individual tracks as well as continuous bonus DJ mixes by Animal Trainer and Dario D'Attis on Part Three and Four, perfectly reflects the sound, setting and overall attitude of Hive Audio as a label in 2k20 and beyond, presenting both an outlook and overview of contemporary Zeitgeist and a bright future that lies ahead. To the next decade!


Responsible for the opener of the first part of our tenth anniversary compilation „The First 10 Years –Part One“ is German master Matthias Meyer who's telling you to „Free Your Mind“ with this highly seductive, spaced out and swinging take on banging, slightly Breakbeat-infused Techno goodness.

Following up is „Sun“, a conjunctional studio creation by SOAME and vocalist Jinadu. Uptempo, banging and driven by klaxon'esque bass signals as well as Jinadu's unique, longing vocals this tune is  to be considered an instant classic,

With their „Dizzy Rhythm“ we see Sous Sol on a percussive, Tribal heat-infused tip, catering big rising sweeps and ever flickering, lively harmonic synth movements for ecstatic, tropical nights out under a clear night sky.

„Take That“ is the musical contribution delivered by famous German duo Luna City Express who are solely focusing on a dry, seductive DeepHouse groove alongside an array of masterly cut-up vocal microsamples and the words of what seems to be a classic US-american club diva from way back to built a timeless piece for all House Music connaisseurs out there.

Dario D'Attis jumps „A Little Higher“ with the next tune, a hefty, muscular and uncompromising  example of highly functional, on point TechHouse production infused with high energy MotorFunk, a driving, yet stripped down main motif and – of course – a classic sample known, loved and remembered by each and every member of the electronic dance music community around the globe.

With Guido Schneider's „Enidane“ we see another German club music OG contributing to this anniversary selection, serving a super deep take on masterly crafted Broken Beat for an intro before taking a precisely sculpted 4/4 drum foundation into the equation to build a unique, fascinating late night groover for intimate, musically educated club settings.

More on a highly focused MinimalFunk tip are Benja & Reto Ardour with their cut named „Sweet Peace“, fusing ecstatic uptempo goodness, a lively low end and powerful stabs for a classy dancefloor experience and absolute primetime abuse.