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Grauer & PR3SNT - Distant Sound EP


1. Grauer & PR3SNT - Distant Sound

2. Grauer & PR3SNT - Abandon

3. Grauer & PR3SNT - Chthonian

he next dream team on Hive Audio? Presenting Katalogue number 53. Manifested producers of Zurich unite their know how with the founding father of the Swiss elektro scene.What came out is this wonderful EP. It all starts with a convincing, soulful and absolutley danceable title track that's chilly and energetic at the same time. Probably because of the incredible energy that's being transported by the ladys voice. (Vielleicht den Namen erwähnen?) "Abandon" takes you on a trip to the realms of deep-house. "Chthonian" leans on the early Hartnoll-Brothers and concludes this boombastic EP to which we've said enough: Let the music speak!