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Definition feat Pete Josef - Caught out EP


1. Definition feat. Pete Josef - Caught out

2. Definition feat. Pete Josef - Caught out (Dario D'attis Remix)

3. Definition - Mirrored

Delivering our last release on Hive Audio in this very successful year 2015. The founder of Definition Music from Switzerland that, to no surprise calls himself Definition, layed two pearls of music into our hands. So shiny that it was impossible for us not to present them to our crowd. The title track "Caught Out" is vocally supported or rather enriched through the voice of Pete Joseph. A smooth and cuddly but packing groove that pushes straight into your brain never to release you after listening to it for the first time. This track produces happiness, peace and a good dose of bliss my friends! Dario D'Attis obviously couldn't wait to serve an expected well concentrated, funky remix on top of that- stating his claim to make the peak time bounce! Last but not least there is "Mirrored" as a third track to come around the corner in a more house fashion, finishing this EP crisp and firm, to make it a petit and peacefully resting piece of art.