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Dani Posada - Lenguaje Desertico


Artist: Dani Posada
Title: Lenguaje Desertico
Cat. Nr.: HA119

Clocking in with his debut instalment for Hive Audio is Bogota-born, Zürich-based jockey and vibist Dani Posada. By draping the traditional music legacy of his home country in cutting-edge electronic folds, Dani intends to build bridges between cultures and eras, and his newest effort for us, beautifully named “Lenguaje Desertico”, isn’t straying from that very space-time-transcending artistic gesture of his.

First in line, the title slab “Lenguaje Desertico” opens a window on vast expanses of melodic beauty. Merging hypnotic Arabo-Andalusian strings with proper synthetic blends of processed drums, spirited Cordovan vocals and cosmic keyboard riffs, the Swiss-Colombian whiz takes us to a world in-limbo between the myrrh-scented warmth of ancient traditions and boundless, glass-and-concrete hypermodernism.

Blending serene field recording of forest murmurs with a straight out Latin strain of boogie, “Lenguaje Suramericano” is a gleeful jaunt into green-splattered exotic scapes and secret jungle alcoves. Unshackled from gridlocked rhythmic rules and typical genre encapsulation, Posada’s compositions walk the outer border of club music as you know it to thrive at the densely forested, inspirationally exhilarating margins that make our world move and keep our hearts pure.