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Animal Trainer - Lost in Space EP


1) Lost
2) In Space
3) In Space (Manuel Moreno Remix)

Animal Trainer are back on Hive Audio and they're back with a bang. Fresh for 2018 their new EP is named „Lost In Space“ but the duo consisting of Adrian Wöllhaf and Samuel Gmür isn't lost at all. They're focused as ever, aiming at dancefloors worldwide and ready to rock hard with their latest musical outing.

At First, Animal Trainer are "Lost" on the dancefloor, providing a fine high quality arrangement of well spatial TechHouse for endless late night sessions whilst sticking close to their set cosmic theme with warm floating synth backings, widerange vintage melodies and a hefty set of additional percussion hits that adds a rather unheard of feel and an elements of surprise to any advanced DJ set these days.

With "In Space" the Swiss dreamteam is surely afloat, drifting in between and amongst extraterrestrial objects fueled by a sweet fusion of soft, yet driving TechHouse propellant and deep, scenic additives as there are masterly arranged synth and string sections alongside well rounded vintage bass bumps and playful melodic elements providing a perfect soundtrack for a deep field view into the outer regions of the yet unexplored universe.

On remix duties for "In Space" is the man Manuel Moreno himself, another high profile Swissman, who caters an atmospheric, yet primetime focused take on the original tune, building up things carefully atop an ever rolling bassline as a basic foundation on which fragile and tender string arrangements can unfold over time whilst sparkling fountains of cosmic sounds are shimmering like stardust gathered around faraway galaxies.