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Animal Trainer, Dario D'Attis, Definition - Memories EP


Artists: Animal Trainer, Dario D’Attis, Definition
Title: Memories EP
Cat.Nr.: HA100


1. Animal Trainer - Memories
2. Dario D'Attis - Memories
3. Definition – Memories
4. Animal Trainer – Memories (Sunset Version)

It's a double jubilee for the Hive Audio camp in 2019 - 10 years in the game and 100 releases strong our label and platform has evolved from a platform for mainly Switzerland-based artists to an international brand and mainstay on the electronic music circuit, a thriving force that is now stronger than ever, an ever growing platform and incubator for new talent as well as highly renowned producers and DJ's. Steadily and continuously carving out a niche of our own, bringing forward and developing a specific Hive Audio sound we're celebrating our entry into the three digit realm with a special EP release – one that brings back „Memories“ and creates new ones at the same time.

With Animal Trainer's take on the subject we're taken into a fever'ish, slightly mysterious yet shimmering TechHouse realm defined by an ever cascading synth spiral, large scale strings and a deep, soulful female vocal approach for well memorable moments on the dancefloor.

Following up is Dario D'Attis whose „Memories“ are based on a raw, pumping, bass-heavy groove and ever growing tension nicely accompanied by catchy, powerful vocals and intricate, playful synth variations making this track suitable for both TechHouse and House audiences alike.

Furthermore our man Definition has got „Memories“, too, and pretty uplifting ones indeed. Opening on a captivating synth tip and switching gears swiftly his cut is a surely muscular, yet melodic one for more progressive late night peaks in your favorite venue around.

Finally Animal Trainer presents the 'Sunset Version' of his „Memories“ as an additional bonus cut, going in strong for a truly dramatic variation that puts both every Balearic tune and every movie theme ever to shame, coming across as the essence of pure, heartfelt emotion translating far beyond any dancefloor.